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10 Best Food Restaurants In California

There are so many great food options in California that it can be hard to choose where to eat, so we made it easy with this list of the 10 best food restaurants in California. San Francisco, Los Angeles, and San Diego each have amazing dining opportunities that should not be missed! Read on to find out which restaurants we think are the very best!

1. Trejo’s Tacos

Owned by actor Danny Trejo, Trejo’s Tacos is arguably one of California’s most famous taco joints. Trejo’s menu contains more than a dozen varieties of tacos, including Breakfast Tacos, Fish Tacos, and Grilled Avocado Tacos. Whether you order your tacos wet or dry, you can’t go wrong with any of these delicious options. Just be sure to bring cash this place is cash-only!

2. Blue Plate Oysterette

Plates served on real plates, oysters sold by the dozen, and no tablecloths. It’s kind of a simple formula that’s worked well for Blue Plate Oysterette in San Francisco. With fresh oysters and local beers, it attracts San Franciscans who like to keep things casual yet fun. If you like oysters, it’s one of your best bets in San Francisco. Their new location is not far from AT&T Park where you can eat at one of these 10 best food restaurants in California before or after a game.

3. The Counter

The Counter located in Santa Monica, CA, and Beverly Hills, CA is a great fast food restaurant that can also be considered a casual dining restaurant. At The Counter, you get to build your own sandwich using more than thirty different ingredients and toppings available for your sandwiches with chicken, fish, or steak. You even have a choice of four different sauces to go with it such as Thai peanut sauce, roasted garlic, pesto mayonnaise, or barbecue sauce, and all are served on their artisan rolls.

Their selection of cold-cut meats ranges from porterhouse steak to turkey breast, ham, and everything in between while they also include an assortment of cheeses ranging from Swiss cheese to cheddar cheese as well as some unusual choices such as mozzarella sticks.

4. Little Miss BBQ

If you want some serious Southern-style barbecue, then Little Miss BBQ is your spot. This Los Angeles restaurant serves everything from sliders to full racks of ribs and everything in between. Located near USC, Little Miss BBQ is a favorite among students and alumni alike. That said, don’t be surprised if you find yourself waiting in line for a table on a busy Saturday night — but it’s worth it. The pulled pork is particularly amazing!

5. Slater’s 50/50

Serving up some of Southern California’s most crave-able comfort food, Slater’s 50/50 is a must-visit for any burger enthusiast. One bite into their signature offering and you’ll understand why it’s become a cult favorite among locals and visitors alike.

This West Coast staple allows you to build your own gourmet burger (we recommend ordering medium-rare) with an array of fresh toppings like crispy bacon and a fried egg. Don’t skip out on Slater’s epic milkshakes either; they offer more than 50 mouthwatering varieties including Nutella, churros, and cake batter varieties no meal will ever be complete without one.

6. Sugarfish by Sushi Nozawa

The best sushi in Southern California isn’t at a posh Santa Monica restaurant, or even a Beverly Hills establishment. It’s Sugarfish by Sushi Nozawa, and you can get it and other top-quality sushi at several locations throughout Southern California.

It may be hard to find (it’s not on any of LA’s Hot Lists,) but when you do find it, you’ll be rewarded with some of the most inventive rolls around. Unlike at many expensive sushi places where they try to wow you with elaborately decorated fish, here they make sure their fish is fresh and never over-seasoned.

7. Salt & Straw Ice Cream Shop

The ice cream is both creative and delicious. Take, for example, flavors like Roasted Strawberry & Balsamic or Burnt Caramel & Sea Salt. Their specialty is that they use mostly local ingredients to create their delicious treats! They also have several locations throughout California. So if you find yourself in Southern Cali, be sure to check out one of these tasty gems!

8. Tender Greens

Tender Greens is a chain restaurant that serves farm-to-table food with local, seasonal ingredients. The menu changes on a daily basis based on what’s available at each of their locations in California and New York. However, some menu items like their creamy polenta and grilled octopus are staples no matter where you go.

Tender Greens is great for casual dining, but expect to wait in line during peak hours or try coming during off-hours for fewer crowds. Additionally, it can get quite expensive with meat dishes averaging about $15-$20 dollars per plate and appetizers ranging from $7-$14 dollars each depending on which ones you order. However, vegetarian options are much cheaper with entrees averaging about $12-$15 dollars per plate.

9. Bourbon Steak

The best meal I’ve ever had served on dishes imported from France. The menu is filled with choices and flavors you won’t find anywhere else in California. If you have a food lover to impress, Bourbon Steak should be at the top of your list.

10. Swingers Hot Dogs

Swingers Hot Dogs is located in San Diego and has been rated one of the top hot dog restaurants in all of California.

Swingers Hot Dogs has also been rated a must-eat restaurant by culinary experts such as Andrew Zimmern, Lee Schrager, Tim Love, Anthony Bourdain, and David Rosengarten. Swingers Hot Dogs makes their own special hot dogs that you will not find anywhere else. Swingers use only natural ingredients to make all their dogs and have some of them listed below: All beef hot dogs, veggie dogs, turkey dogs, and chicken sausage.

The sauce is made with all-natural ingredients as well: mayonnaise made fresh daily and cucumbers pickled in vinegar with fresh dill sprigs to give it an amazing taste!



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