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Can Age Affect the Risk of Dementia? By Prabhdyal Singh Sodhi

Age is one of the risk factors for health diseases like dementia. Prabhdyal Singh Sodhi shares that particularly in the instance of dementia, this can increase the possibility of its development in 2 ways. First of all, an increase in age can make a person less immune to health conditions. Secondly, aging can give rise to other factors that can affect the brain. In both ways, the chances of developing this brain disease can be more, adds the dementia specialist, Mr. Sodhi.

Changes in Dementia Risk Factors with Aging

While age is a risk factor for dementia, it can also have an impact on others, thereby, increasing or decreasing the risks.

In the view of Mr. Sodhi, one such factor is the health of your heart. Cardiovascular disease can often develop when a person’s age grows. Especially after 55, this disease can make a person more susceptible to dementia.

It will also be important to study other risk factors resulting from aging.

  1. Diabetes

Individuals can get diabetes at a young age. But when age increases, the existence of this condition can lead to alarming consequences. One of these is dementia. Undergoing dementia along with diabetes can invite complex health challenges. Especially at the age of 55, the risk for the development of these challenges can be higher.

  1. Strokes

At older ages, some people undergo heart strokes. When they have had a history of attacks by the age of 65, they can be more prone to developing dementia in the future. According to the dementia specialist, Prabhdyal Singh Sodhi, the risk for this condition can be twice.

Influence of Other Factors on Aging

It is crucial to note that age can increase the risks for diabetes, strokes, etc., and develop greater chances for dementia. But it should also be understood how the process of aging can increase such risks. This is because of certain other factors that create some effects on this process.

There are at least 3 such factors, listed as follows:

  1. Medical Conditions

The medical condition of a person and his/her age can share a direct relationship. At a young age, the presence of poor conditions can hint at the health of the individual in the future. Also, during old age, when health is not maintained, aging will invite unlikely conditions.

  1. Environmental Factors

It is explained by Mr. Sodhi that the agents present in the environment can create an impact on one’s age. These agents can be responsible for the development of certain health diseases.

Air pollutants in the environment can develop respiratory diseases. They can be responsible for poor heart rates as well. Greater exposure to unlikely environmental conditions can cause lung cancer too.

These conditions can become severe when people undergo aging. As a consequence of this, a higher age with such conditions can later develop dementia.

  1. Lifestyle Factors

Depending on the lifestyle of a person, his or her health can be well or badly maintained. In addition, individuals who are rapidly aging can see poorer health conditions over time, says Prabhdyal Singh Sodhi.

The dementia specialist adds that lifestyle factors can be linked to more serious consequences, affecting the brain. This can give rise to poor cognition which can ultimately lead to dementia.

Possibilities of Decreasing Aging-Related Risks

Aging is a natural process, as is known. Based on the viewpoint of Mr. Sodhi, this process can create some risks that may not be fully altered. However, prior to their development, they can be prevented.

For this, when a person starts heading towards old age, she/he should be more careful about health conditions. Medical examinations, otherwise, can make it easier to identify that a risk is developing. In sync with this, that risk can be timely managed to reduce the possibility of bigger challenges like dementia.

On the Whole

Your age can affect the risk of dementia in several ways. It is a risk factor in itself but can also make way for others. Individuals in old age can be more prone to this condition. As per the suggestion of the specialist, Prabhdyal Singh Sodhi, prevention and medical checkup can ward off some possibilities of this brain disease.

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