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Can an Immigrant Start a Business in The UK?

Starting a business in the United Kingdom isn’t easy, and the process can be incredibly challenging if you’re an immigrant. Fortunately, it’s not impossible some of the U.K.’s most successful companies have been founded by immigrants. Who has had to face these challenges head-on and overcome them through perseverance and persistence?

You can do it too, but it will take some work. To help you get started, let’s look at what you need to know about starting a business in the U.K. as an immigrant.

Starting a business as an immigrant

As a foreign national, you may have had to deal with challenges that U.K. nationals didn’t when you first arrived here. However, it is possible to overcome these obstacles and become successful. 

There are many things to consider when you’re considering starting your own business, whether as an employee or a self-employed person. One of the most important factors is how skilled you are in English. That’s not to say that there aren’t opportunities for non-English speakers. Still, if you can’t communicate effectively with your clients, suppliers or colleagues, then it’s likely that this will impact how well your business does. 

To apply for and receive UK business immigration visas, you can get the services of Synergy Immigration Solutions and learn what criteria to meet and which type of visa is right for you.

Registering as self-employed

If you are planning on starting your own business, it is worth finding out if you will be able to register as self-employed with HMRC. This can make running your business more manageable, and it may entitle you to small benefits like payment for travel expenses or a new smart meter.

The process of registering for self-employment can vary depending on whether or not you have a job at the moment, so if it is unclear whether or not you need to register, then speak to HMRC, who should be able to help.

Business activity types

If you want to establish your own business and have been granted permission to work, you can apply for U.K. Business Immigration Control (UKBC) from the Home Office. Your previous visa needs to be relevant to starting your own company to qualify. Your company should also show that it will not replace or undercut any existing U.K. businesses of equivalent size.

The legal requirements

The first requirement is to register a legal entity, which could be starting a sole proprietorship or partnership, registering as an LLP (limited liability company), or incorporating as a limited company. Next, you must satisfy any local trading standards requirements that apply. You’ll need to work out your tax and accounting needs. This includes deciding what form of business structure to use and how much capital you need.

Marketing your products and services

Sale is core to any business’s success. If there is no sale, there will be no money to operate the business and to generate a sale; you need to market your business professionally. Adopting the latest marketing techniques and platforms can position your business in customers’ minds and help you start and keep running a successful business in the U.K.



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