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The importance of personal relationships cannot be overstated. As Bill Gates explains in his blog, Warren Buffett helped him define success by the strength of one’s relationships. They have been friends for decades, and Gates credits Warren Buffett with much of his success.

According to research, you are the average of the five people who spend the most time with you. It’s acceptable to talk about lack of money or bad credit in the modern age, but people rarely talk about their huge bank balances, and frankly, why should they? A person who brags about their new Mercedes Benz car sounds as obnoxious as dragging nails on a chalkboard.

Friendships are built upon trust, but there’s no room for that if your friends are holding you back in life or constantly complaining about where they are at in life without doing anything to change it. You need friends who are active and looking to make things happen, not ones who spend all their time talking about how shitty the world is or why things don’t go their way.

Here’s how to change your friends who have no ambition or goals and are trying to drag you down with them when you can do so much better with some new friends who share your goals and interests.

Being successful is as much a matter of character as it is of opportunity. If you have people in your life who believe in you, it’s easier to believe in yourself. Conversely having someone tell you that you are going to fail can easily create self-doubt. So when thinking about the change for 2017 and beyond, think more about surrounding yourself with people who encourage success rather than discourage it.

Those types of positive relationships will help push your own efforts toward getting better at what you do and will give you something to cheer on while you’re doing it.

The people you socialize with can impact whether or not you succeed. Make sure that there are no negative people in your circle who will bring you down.

As an entrepreneur, it’s important to have a tribe of other like-minded individuals that are moving towards similar goals as yourself. This support group will help give you the motivation to work hard and pursue opportunities that would otherwise be out of reach. It’s also important to make connections with influencers who can help open doors for future business deals even if these prospects seem far-fetched in the beginning.

Keeping a positive mindset is crucial because as Wayne Gretzky once said

“You miss 100% of shots you don’t take”

One of my mentors once told me that no one needs 200 friends on Facebook. There are only 100 or so people in your life who add real value to you and most of them you see regularly anyway. Think about those relationships:

What kind of people bring out your best side?

Are they honest?



Then hold onto them at all costs. Don’t let go of anyone who brings you positive value and change your friends if they Don’t dismiss friendships because you may need help from time to time.

The more resources you have, especially with social relationships, the better off you will be in dealing with any obstacle life throws at you.

On social media, there are a lot of people who are like other mice on Facebook. They don’t do anything for others but themselves. Don’t be their friend as it will hurt you more than them.

If a friend does not change his lifestyle even after showing him how to earn money online through social media then it is better that you change him as a friend or just leave him together so that you can focus on other people who can help you in your financial ambitions.

Start by making a list of five people you’d like to get to know better. Then think back on those times when you most admired a friend or colleague. It’s likely that these memories were generated in one of two situations: either when or she was working hard toward some worthwhile goal, or when you were having fun together in pursuit of a common interest.

Someone who is where you want to be but has had a few more years of experience than you. If that’s not who your current friends are, then it’s time to find some.

The best way to do that is through social circles like clubs, teams or classes at school; find one with people who have dreams similar to yours. Asking for introductions can be a good way to meet people in those kinds of settings and it will give you something in common from day one.

If those kinds of groups aren’t really your style or don’t exist nearby, start a conversation by asking questions: What industries are hot right now? Who has started something recently that really took off?

If you’re wondering how to make more money or improve in any other aspect of life the easiest way is by finding people who have already done what you want to do. By reading about their struggles, successes and failures, you can learn from their experiences. Some of these books may even provide enough inspiration for you to finally take action on something that’s been holding you back.

Research shows that there are numerous reasons to make money a priority. First of all, financial security can significantly improve health outcomes. People who rate their lives as very happy earn 35% more income than people who rate their lives as not very happy.

Additionally, many studies have found positive links between wealth and happiness the more income you have, often the happier you are.

However, a person’s baseline level of happiness also matters; how much someone is willing to pay for a specific change in life circumstances depends on how much that person values that outcome. For example, A friend who hates his job might quit when given a chance to double his current salary even though he’ll be working 50 hours per week instead of 20 hours per week.



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