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Common Types Of Fashion Jewellery In Pakistan

Pakistan is the country where you will see different types of jewellery giving you traditional vibes. And you know what’s the most interesting, though it’s traditional jewellery but still in fashion these days.

This article will make you aware of common types of fashion jewellery in Pakistan that you can get and have an eye-catching look. All you need to do is, stay with this page.

Here’s your destination.

Common Jewellery Types in Pakistan

Talking about the most common types of jewellery famous in Pakistan are given below. Pay thorough attention to know.

Jhummar and Tikka 

Jhummar & Tikka are the head ornaments of girls, especially bridals, which are introduced to the world by the Mughals. These are most common in Pakistan and adapted by bridals. In fact, people living in India also promote giving these ornaments to bridals.


A necklace is the jewellery worn around the neck and is found to be the most traditional or earliest type of adornment worn by ladies. It is widely famous and common in Pakistan, adopted by females everywhere. Recognized designers have said that an event look is not completed without wearing a necklace.

Several modifications, styles, and designs can be ensured in Pakistan necklace. It means you can quickly get your favorite one that suits you without hassle. Only you need to explore the different collections of stores providing it to you.

Ear Rings

As you know, earrings are personal ornaments suspended with a hook and passed through a pierced hole in the ear lobe. They are found to be the essential items included in common jewellery in Pakistan. These are available in different styles and designs among various jewellery stores.

You can get all the jewellery types mentioned above by connecting with an authorized source offering this to you. But we won’t recommend you to go with any unknown provider because it might be risky. Always check whether the source you’re going with is legit.

Keeping in mind the ideal features of a common jewellery provider in Pakistan, we found a great source. Yes, it provides you with modern jewellery types enhancing your overall look. Plus, you can get the items at such costs you can reliably afford without any hassle.

Meet Studio By TCS – the source we’re talking about. Check out a few core features of the store, making it a prioritized choice.

  • The store provides a vast collection of Pakistan necklace, earrings, pendants, jhummar, and much more.
  • It is highly authorized among people and reviewed to provide quality wise best jewellery with modern features.
  • Studio By TCS has also introduced a flexible pricing structure that has made it easier for customers to afford their favorite jewellery.

Apart from this, the store has also developed a team of experienced representatives who always serve you with the proper guidance and response. Connect with the store today for more information and have the best shopping experience.

Aren’t all these features enough to make Studio By TCS your first choice when purchasing fashion jewellery?



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