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How Does A Sports Development Officer Work?

The role of sports development officers varies depending on the type of sports organization you are working for. Some key factors in how the role varies include your particular employer’s mission and target population, as well as your level within the organization. Here’s a look at some of the key responsibilities of someone in this role, no matter what organization they are working for.


Every day, as parents, coaches, and players hit the field of play and enjoy an active lifestyle, they have benefited from a sports development officer  work. These individuals find innovative ways to keep young people engaged in physical activity while encouraging them to work hard and do their best. Learn more about how they influence others while improving lives across a community.

What Does A Sports Development Officer Do?

A sports development officer is an employee of a governing sports body, with a remit to support and grow the competitive sports within that territory. As well as being responsible for running events, organizing competitions and providing guidance on how to play, they often provide general advice on things like child safety, drug awareness, and health matters such as obesity. While their role varies considerably depending on where they work, it’s not unusual for a SOD to be solely focussed on children’s sports.

Why Become a SOD?

Every year, it seems that more and more people are becoming concerned with their physical health and wellness. With so many people now making an effort to work out regularly and eat a healthier diet, gyms and restaurants alike have been forced to compete for customers and sports facilities continue to thrive.

How to become a SOD  Getting your career started.

If you love sports and want to use your knowledge and passion to help develop sports in other countries around the world, then a sports the development officer job could be right for you. Here’s what we’ll cover: What is a SOD role?; Education needed for a SOD role How do I become a sports department officer? Where can I find out more about becoming a sports department officer? What is a sports is a development officer (SOD) role exactly?

Developing yourself as a SOD.

If you want to be a SOD, you’re going to need to develop yourself in a number of ways. If you want to be a SOD, go back and re-read our last post. Start creating your network. Develop your skillset. Get into shape. Get out there and start meeting people. We’ll keep posting on what it takes to become a SOD, but that work is up to you. Remember: Your career is yours alone and it starts with making sure you have all of the right tools for success!

How do I get my first job as a SOD?

Landing your first job in sports can be hard. You might not have had experience in a specific role, you might have very little in-depth knowledge of that role, and you could have competition from dozens of other people.

With no industry experience, how do you show your worth to a prospective employer? What value can you bring to their organization and why should they hire you over another candidate with similar education or work history? Ultimately, it comes down to one thing: being able to sell yourself as an individual capable of delivering results.

You need to prove your worth as a person who will produce positive results for your company and by positive results, we mean things like revenue growth, new customer acquisition, product development, etc.


I’ve been working as a sports development the officer in an urban area in England since my graduation from university last year. After seeing articles online I decided to write a summary of what I have learned through my short time doing it.

Here is what you need to know about being a sports development officer.

It’s really useful if you are interested in sport and want to develop your career further.



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