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How Long do pcr Test Results Take?

People have become familiar with the phrase PCR during Covid-19. It was the term that helped us to travel from one country to another. Different travelers used different Covid-19 tests but have you ever pondered why PCR tests take a long time to publish results? If yes, this article will descriptively answer your question.  

What is PCR?

PCR stands for Polymerase Chain Reaction. It is a Biological term used by Biotechnologists, Microbiologists, Molecular Biologists, and other Scientists. In 1983, two Biochemists named Kary Mullis and Michael Smith introduced PCR. Researcher makes copies of genetic materials to analyze a specific particle in detail. It was a helpful approach for detecting the Covid-19 particle in a human specimen. 

PCR Working Principle

DAN polymerase is the primary constituent of the PCR test. Researchers target a fragment of DNA and create its copies. So, making copies of DNA is the basic principle on which PCR tests give results. 

PCR Working Method

PCR’s working process consists of some crucial steps.

  • Initialization

Initialization is the opening step for PCR tests. Researchers provide a high temperature of around 94–96°C to the reaction center. The high temperature triggers the DNA Polymerase enzymes to start working. 

  • Denaturation

Test conductors maintain the temperature. The high temperature smashes the hydrogen bonds between two stands of DNA and separates them from each other. 

  • Annealing

During Annealing, scientists lower the temperature and add primers. These primers bind with the DNA templates of their related sequences making new strands. 

  • Elongation

The newly produced DNAs increase their length during Elongation. Elongation also needs a high temperature for proper working. Scientist move to the final step after Elongation.

  • Observation

It is the final step of the PCR test. During Observation, scientists observe bands on PCR machines and detect the presence or the absence of Covid-19 in a human specimen according to their rules and regulations. 

What Factors Can Effect PCR?

Researchers may need to repeat the whole process of PCR tests due to harmful factors. Contamination is a primary factor that can ruin a complete PCR test. Scientists update a contamination-free environment for PCR tests. They also confirm the flawless movement of other specificity factors, such as temperature. Temperature can increase and decrease the enzyme working, which disturbs the PCR test. 

Time to Get PCR Test Report

PCR test involves a lengthy procedure with many steps and protective measures during the experiment. Therefore, PCR tests take more time than other kinds of Covid-19 detecting tests, such as rapid antigen tests. Test providers publish the Covid-19 PCR report within 24 hours. 

Where to Get PCR Test Report?

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