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How Much Does Boxing Headgear Help?

There are many ways that boxers prepare to protect themselves from injury when going into the ring. Even though it’s the most protective headgear available, some boxers refuse to wear headgear because they feel that it interferes with their performance in the ring and slows them down.

But others believe that wearing head gear boxing protects them from injury and makes them safer when they spar or fight other boxers in the ring. Is it possible that both groups are right? Let’s take a closer look at how much boxing headgear helps to answer that question.

Why Do Boxers Wear Head Gear Boxing?

Boxers wear headgears to protect their face from punches. This is because most of the power from a punch comes from the impact on the front of your face and head, which can cause concussions or broken cheekbones. The head gear boxing prevents this by absorbing some of the force and then dispersing it away from your head. 

The purpose of the headguard is to prevent cuts and lacerations from the opponent’s punches to the face and scalp. A head guard will also protect against traumatic brain injuries, as well as concussions. They also reduce damage to your teeth and bones in your face. 

When punching someone wearing boxing gloves with headgear, you don’t feel as much resistance as when punching bare knuckles or punching someone without any protection. Therefore, boxers may not be able to defend themselves properly against these types of attacks without proper head gear boxing.

How Long Does Boxing Headgear Last?

If you use your head guard 2-3 times per week, your head guard should be replaced every 9 months. Three times per week, four weeks a month, 9 months = approximately 108 rounds. Gloves usually take a lot more punishment and pounding than your head guard.

Considerations When Selecting Your Head Gear Boxing

Here are some considerations you should make when selecting head gear boxing.


The headgear should be snug and form-fitting without being too tight. It should also have a strap that is comfortable and not too stiff. 


There are two main types of materials used in boxing headgear, leather and vinyl. Leather offers more protection, but it’s heavier than vinyl and can become hot when worn in warmer climates.

There are other factors to take into consideration like comfort, weight, and price. However, if you get these three things right then they shouldn’t be an issue. Once again, your head gear boxing is something that should make you feel empowered while protecting yourself from injury. Make sure that what you buy has these qualities and all else will fall into place.

Where To Buy Head Gear Boxing In The UK?

Sports Maxx offers quality head gear boxing at affordable prices to suit your needs. With so many options available, choosing the right headgear can be tricky. You can also contact with Sports Maxx team to consult the team about head gear boxing for yourself.



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