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How to Get Safety Cars in Gran Turismo Sport

How to get safety cars in Gran Turismo Sport. Gran Turismo Sport has many excellent features, but one of my favorites so far has been the inclusion of real-life Safety Cars in the game. So today, I’ll be sharing how you can get these unique cars in your garage! Unfortunately, as of writing this guide, you can unlock only three known Safety Car models in GT Sport: the Mercedes S-Guard, BMW i3s, and Citroen C4 Picasso Lifeguard.

Gran Turismo 7 safety cars

The Gran Turismo series has always been known for its fast paced racing and the latest installment. Gran Turismo Sport is no different. The game includes various race courses and vehicles available for purchase with real money or through gameplay. One car you should consider purchasing is the GT Sport pace car, a rare automobile that can be used as a Safety Car that regulates the speed of the other drivers during your race. However, the GT Sport pace car can only be purchased in-game with game credits so it is important to save up enough points before you decide on what purchase you want.

How does Gran Turismo Sport give out free vehicles?

To unlock a GT Sport pace car you’ll need to complete the following: Place first on your first race event Place third or better on your second race event and Place fifth or better on your third race event. The reward for placing first is the Porsche, while the reward for putting third is the Audi R8 LMS Ultra ’16.

How do you get a GTR safety car GT Sport?

The Gran a Turismo pace car is the vehicle that drives the racing track ahead of the racers, pacing them and acting as a guidance point on where they should be going. The principle of a pace car is that once the leaders cross the finish line, they will slow down while driving behind the pace car, leading them back to their garage.

These vehicles are typically high-performance street legal versions of high performance race cars like Formula One and NASCAR, but there are exceptions too – like with games like Gran Turismo. For example, there are no GTR safety cars in GT Sport, and they probably never will be due to licensing restrictions for game developers. However, you can purchase replica American muscle cars with higher top speeds than an average European-built racecar.

How do you get different cars in GT7?

You should first know that GT Sport and Gran the Turismo pace car are different. Gran Turismo pace cars are the vehicles that are used by the police force. The GT Sport pace car is a vehicle that races around the track before a race starts. It’s only possible to get these if you’re fortunate, but if your budget is high enough, feel free to buy one for your collection. Gran Turismo pace cars have been replaced with Safety Cars instead.


GT Sport’s latest release from Gran Turismo has been out for a few months. The GT Sport pace car is the Nissan GT-R NISMO GT3, while the Gran Turismo pace car is the Mazda RX-7 Spirit R Type A. Players can unlock both by successfully completing events and earning credits. This gives them a chance to experience what it’s like to drive these iconic racing vehicles.



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