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How To Keep Your Pc Cool While Gaming

Are you tired of your PC’s performance slowing down while you are gaming? If so, then this article can help you solve that problem and keep your computer running smoothly while playing games. Gaming on PCs can be fast, fun, and exciting, but it isn’t always easy on the hardware.

If you don’t have the right equipment or if you don’t know how to tweak your settings to get the most out of your rig, then you can find yourself having issues with overheating or with performance that just isn’t what it should be. keep your pc cool while gaming when you start your gaming.

How To Stay Cool While Gaming

How To Keep Your Pc Cool While Gaming

When you’re playing a game, keep your pc cool while gaming, the PC’s internal fans usually only turn on when a high-powered application is running or when you enter areas with extreme heat. That means that for most of the time you are spending gaming, your computer is just underpowered and has trouble cooling off, even if it isn’t an intense play session. In this blog post, I’ll share some tips for keep your pc cool while gaming.

Turn up the speed of those fans: There are a few different ways to increase the fan speed in any laptop or desktop computer.

Fans of gaming PCs

We’ve got tips and tricks on how to keep your pc cool while gaming, and we’re going to give you advice that will keep you one step ahead of the heat. Some people love all the noise that a powerful PC fan makes, but others can find it distracting. If this is the case for you, then we recommend adding a component such as a fan control card or water cooling system.

These parts will help control noise while also letting you tinker with other variables like timing and response rates.

Increased fan speed

PC coolers come in all shapes and sizes, so it’s important to choose the right one for you. When you turn on a PC cooler, its fans will spin faster in order to create airflow over your CPU and increase heat dissipation. Fan speed is adjustable in most computer fans, so they can be increased or decreased depending on the needs of the device.

The best way to keep your pc cool while gaming is by finding the right balance between fan speed and PC cooling preferences.

Overclocking should be avoided

Some PC gamers don’t know the risks associated with overclocking. People often think that overclocking is safe and can only be used for pushing the hardware harder. In reality, it is a risky business! Overclocking decreases the lifespan of your components by causing them to heat up, become unstable, and sometimes fry altogether.

How To Keep Your Pc Cool While Gaming

Keep your drivers up-to-date

The most common way to keep your pc cool while gaming is by keeping the drivers up-to-date. Driver updates can sometimes fix heat problems as well as bring new features and performance boosts. Driver updates often bring fixes for bugs and glitches, so they are worth installing even if they aren’t specifically related to cooling or gaming.

When you do have a driver update, it’s advisable not to play any games for at least an hour after installing them.

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The most effective ways to keep your pc cool while gaming

  • Turn off all programs that are running when you are not using them (They increase the intensity of heat)
  • Make sure to have an adequate amount of space between the PC and its walls
  • Place the PC in a well-ventilated area
  • Clean up any dust or dirt on the computer and its fans
  • If these solutions don’t work, consider purchasing a cooling pad that can be placed below your laptop or desktop

Replace the existing CPU cooling system with liquid cooling

Liquid cooling requires a slightly more complicated setup but is usually quieter and more effective. Consider adding in some extra fans on the radiator side and moving away from the RAM (for most builds) to allow for maximum airflow. Many enthusiasts will also add a fan for their GPU. If you are looking for total silence, try out this self-contained system by Noctua that has noise-dampening materials used throughout.


Play games at night with the laptop open and make sure it’s in a well-ventilated area so the heat can escape. Add extra fans to get more airflow if needed. I recommend getting a laptop cooling pad since that will keep your laptop cool without overheating any of its components.

If you can’t add additional fans or remove the battery, then only play for shorter periods of time than usual (for example, don’t play 8 hours straight). Do not play when it’s plugged in and charging as that will generate more heat.



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