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Top 5 Tips For How To Repair A Laptop Fan

When you own a laptop, you spend a lot of time using it. From browsing the Internet to watching videos and playing games there’s not much you can’t do with your laptop. However, like any machine, your laptop is bound to break down eventually. If the fan in your laptop breaks down, you are left with no option but to repair it. A broken fan not only leads to overheating but also shortens the life of your device. Here is how to repair a laptop fan by following these five tips:

Step 1: Know What Caused the Damage

When you know what caused the damage, you can easily find a solution. To know what caused the damage you’ll have to open up your laptop and inspect the fan from the inside. If there is visible damage to any of the blades or if the fan has come loose from its place, you can fix it with ease. If the blades are torn or bent beyond repair you’ll have to replace the fan entirely.

If the damage is caused due to overheating you’ll see dark areas around the fan. The wires connecting the fan to the motherboard might just be charred in that case you can just cut them and reattach new wires. If the motherboard is damaged you’ll have to buy a new motherboard and replace it.

Step 2: Buy the Right Parts

Before you start repairing your laptop, buy the right parts. The parts include a new cooling fan and thermal paste. Some brands sell cooling fans in a set along with thermal paste. This is a good deal because you can save money and time by buying only the parts you need. If you have to buy each part separately it will cost you more money. Make sure the parts you buy are compatible with your laptop. You can do this by checking the model number of your laptop.

Step 3: Properly Disassemble the Fan

Before you start disassembling the fan, make sure you have a clean and well lit area to work. Place all the parts in front of you in an orderly manner so that you don’t lose track of any of them. Wear protective gloves and goggles to avoid getting your skin and eyes injured. Use a screwdriver to unscrew the screws from the fan. If there are wires, cut them and remove the broken fan from the laptop.

If the wires are still good leave them alone. If, for some reason, you want to rewire the fan use a soldering iron to reattach the wires. Be careful though not to overheat the wires. If the wires are damaged, buy new wires and reattach them to the new fan.

Step 4: Install New Parts and Test

Once you have all the parts ready, install them in the laptop. If you have rewired the fan, make sure the wires are not touching any other electrical component. Once you have installed the new fan, plug the laptop into an electrical outlet and let it run for a few hours. If the laptop doesn’t overheat, you have successfully repaired the fan.

If the laptop still overheats turn off the laptop and check for any loose wires. If everything looks okay, you can try repairing the fan again. If it still doesn’t work, you can get a new fan from the manufacturer’s website.

Step 5: Wrap Up

The laptop is your best friend when you travel. It’s your constant companion whether you’re sitting on a train or waiting in line at the airport. If your laptop breaks down, you’ll be stuck without a way to stay connected pass the time or get some work done. A broken fan in your laptop can cause serious damage if not repaired immediately. Following these five tips will help you repair your broken fan and keep your laptop running smoothly.



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