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What you can do to Increase Google Reviews on Google Listing?

Google reviews influence a potential buyer’s purchasing decision and hence, they are extremely crucial for every business. To build brand awareness and create authority in the digital market, businesses often try different tricks or hacks to increase Google reviews on Google listing. Moreover, if you’re here on this page, you also have come with the desire to learn something new and innovative on how to get more online reviews.

Today we’ll explore some of the most result-oriented tips through which businesses can take their online reputation to the top height by collecting more Google reviews. So let’s start the discussion where you not only learn how to increase Google reviews on Google listing but will also know the way to utilize them to help your business outrank its competitors.

Convince Your Consumers to Leave Reviews

First of all, every business needs to make sure that they have a Google My Business page. It lets the user recognize a brand and search for the quality of its products or services. After completing every purchase process, ask every user to leave a review about their experience. Tell them that this would help the company to personalize their experience to offer enhanced customer service and more improved quality of products or services. Once they start feeling that the brand is getting more familiar to them and value their opinions and thoughts, they feel glad to share reviews about your business.

Suppose one of the customers wants to share his/her experience and is hesitating if the company will notice it or not. Don’t create confusion in the minds of customers and ask them directly to leave a review about their experience. Once you start using these avenues, they come back definitely with their honest reviews and it will help you increase Google reviews on Google listing. You can ask customers to leave reviews:

  • After completing the purchase process
  • When you resolve any of their problems or queries
  • When the latest customer interacted with your team
  • Via emails, text messages etc.
  • While sending customers bills, invoices etc.
  • During a phone call to resolve any other issues

Make Steps Easy for Customers to Leave a Feedback

Just try to be as simple as you can to make it possible for every consumer to reach the review page. Provide links so that they can easily reach the review form or redirect them to your basic GMB page. Ensure placing minimum clicks to reach the GMB page so that consumers don’t have to hunt for your GMB page and with easy and quick steps they can leave their feedback.

Conduct Regular Website Audits

Perhaps your website is creating obstacles and is complicating things for consumers to leave reviews about your business. Consider website auditing to figure out if there are unnecessary links or content which is distracting users. Making necessary improvements or adjustments to your website to make it familiar and user-friendly is one of the major essentials to increase Google reviews on Google listing. Ensure to leave review links on all the major pages of your website and check during the audit if any more adjustments are required.

Leverage Feedback Surveys

Customers engage more with brands that understand their sentiments, and emotions and value their thoughts. Hence, to increase Google reviews on Google listing, brands can use NPS surveys to find clients who have had a great experience earlier with the business. Surveys help businesses reach potential existing consumers and brands should leverage these surveys to connect with the audience and convince them to share feedback about the experience they have had with the company.

With the help of response-based actions, brands can bring happy customers back to their GMB pages who still don’t get any such notification earlier. Furthermore, by implementing to customized workflow approach, brands can create automated survey software to ask questions to customers about their products or services. It lets consumers have the chance to have open communication with the brand and they remain interested in sharing their opinions and thoughts.

Immediate Response is Essential

Don’t get panic while receiving a bad review. There is no business on the planet that doesn’t get a few of them. Take it with gestures and handle unhappy clients politely. Allow personal space to them to bring out their anger and become calm to find the appropriate solution. When required offer them additional discounts on their next purchase or even issue refunds where things not getting in control.

Immediate response is essential to avoid consumers sharing a bad review by figuring out the best suitable solution for a particular matter. Monitor your reviews frequently to get in touch with every consumer ASAP before it gets too late. By showing politeness and gesture and finding great solutions to satisfy, you even can turn an unhappy client into a returning customer.

Improve Your Customer Service

Providing excellent customer service and personalized experience to consumers is a sure-shot way to increase Google reviews on Google listing. Brands often miss out on this opportunity but it is among the most significant aspects of how to offer magnificent services to customers and influence them to leave good reviews. By implementing some improvements in your customer service team and departments, you can amazingly turn unhappy clients into loyal customers. Here are some following tricks businesses can try to win customers’ trust.

  • Offer customers personalized support
  • Ask customers if you need their feedback to make further adjustments and improvements
  • Identify factors to improve your customer service
  • Offer necessary guidance and training to team members to remain polite and empathetic during conversations
  • Make sure that all consumers can easily contact the team

Leverage Your Positive Reviews

There can be numerous ways a business can take leverage its positive reviews. They can utilize positive reviews by sharing them on the website and different social media platforms. It will help remind other potential consumers how you appreciate other users for leaving their feedback and they will tend to do the same thing. It not only helps a business to highlight how much love and appreciation it is receiving but will also entice other clients to join the same opportunity to get noticed in your Google listing. Hence, businesses need to promote their positive reviews across different marketing channels and leading social media platforms to broaden their Google presence.

Apart from that, brands can also try investing in different review generation tools to automate the process of review generation. With the help of these tools, businesses can effectively create campaigns to increase Google reviews on Google listing. Customers worldwide depend on Google for authentic reviews and hence, Google reviews cannot be manipulated. You can ask your loyal customers to provide feedback so that you can strategize to offer them a more personalized experience. It’s extremely important for all businesses to regularly check their Google reviews and offer instant responses to each and every review.

In case, you feel your team is incapable to strategize these important tips, consider hiring a leading ORM agency as it will help you get Google reviews in a bulk by strategizing a perfect suite of marketing automation according to your existing business requirements.



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