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Is Web Development Part of Digital Marketing?

Web development and digital marketing are two different things. No matter the differences, they work hand in hand in a business’s best interest. With most of the businesses around the world lying on digital means in order to reach its audience, it makes sense to have an online presence.

Digital marketing includes selling services and ads for a company while web development is the act of establishing pages, websites, and similar online information. They are quite dissimilar to each other. But, is web development a part of digital marketing? Here is a detailed guide! 

What’s Included in Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is the process of using digital services and media to market an idea or product to the clients. The main marketing channel is often search engine & social media. Digital marketing is often focused on getting the brand name or products of a company in front of potential audience and clients. It may also include use of SEO, ads, distribution systems and content creation to several eyeballs as possible through different means. 

It is about having the right PPC, SEO and social media strategy to get your brand out there, with an aim to generate leads and sales. Digital marketing also opens up a new avenue for businesses to showcase and market their services and products. Since a lot of customers spend most of their time on social media these days, it does make sense to reach them through such channels. In addition, creative web marketing helps in increasing sales, generating leads and increasing traffic. 

What’s Included in Web Development?

Web development is the development of websites and digital platforms on a mobile device or computer. It may range from HTML conversions to great quality CMS websites. The websites created by a web developer are often coded in HTML with CSS, JavaScript and programming languages such as Python, Node.js, MySQL or HHP. 

Web development is specifically a highly specialized part of software development. It includes developing websites that can be accessed through mobile based technologies and the internet. It also includes different aspects of a business such as marketing and sales. Web development also includes ecommerce sites, blogs and CMS (Content management systems).

Web Development – A Part of Digital Marketing?

Web development is actually different from digital marketing, and web development isn’t a part of digital marketing. Digital marketing is more focused on the development of digital media like blogs and websites, and doesn’t focus on the upkeep and maintenance of these sites. 

Web development, on the other hand, is more focused on the maintenance of a blog or website through regular tweaks and software updates, exploring new ways to make the site better. 

When it comes to choosing between web development and creative web marketing, you shouldn’t really be doing so. You have to consider both options in case you want to run a successful online business. However, we need to understand that not every business can afford focusing on their web development and digital marketing at the same time.



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