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7 Creative Writing Benefits That Will Change Your Life

Creative writing offers an immense amount of benefits and gifts to those who take the time to practice it on a regular basis. Benefits range from increased brain functioning to improved physical health, improved communication skills, and more! Here are seven creative writing benefits that will change your life forever.

1. Unplug And Focus On The Present

With creative writing, you’re required to be in a quiet place with your mind focused on pen and paper. This can be quite hard in today’s age of constant notifications and internet distractions, but if you look at it as an opportunity to actually focus on your life and take a step back from electronics, you might realize that it’s not so bad.

It’s easy to waste hours scrolling through Instagram without realizing that time has passed. When you sit down with creative writing, there are no pop-ups or emails pulling your attention away from what you’re doing.

2. Find Your Inner Voice

The best creative writing comes from our truest, most honest voice. Before you even open a word processor or get your hands on some lined paper, try to think about what kind of writer you are and what sort of message you want to send with your work.

The clearer you can be about these details upfront, the more likely it is that your work will feel authentic once it’s written. And authenticity is one of the keys to great writing!

3. Improve Vocabulary

Everyone has negative thoughts. If you want to get rid of your negative thoughts, then you need to replace them with positive ones. It is important to understand that a lot of these negative thoughts stem from our own self-criticism and other people’s criticism. It is important for you to learn how to replace those thoughts with positive thoughts that will boost your creativity and confidence level.

This can help you improve your writing skills as well because it encourages you in developing your creative thinking abilities. You will also find yourself becoming more creative in other ways once you are able to get rid of negative thoughts because they would have prevented it in one way or another.

4. Develop Imagination

The best way to strengthen your imagination is by practicing. Put down that phone and pick up a book or writing pad; write something, anything.

Start with just a few minutes each day and work your way up to 45-minute sessions at least three times per week.

5. Get Rid Of Negative Thoughts

If you’re into writing as a hobby or looking to get into it more seriously, one of your main goals should be to improve over time. One of the best ways to do that is to remove negative thoughts and doubts from your mind. It can be challenging at first but eventually, you will want to replace them with positive thoughts about your abilities.

Even if you don’t feel like you have any real talent for creative writing, a positive mindset can still be powerful! You might end up surprising yourself when something new comes out in writing or feels different than what you’ve done before.

Having confidence and positive thoughts about your ability will allow creativity to flow without hesitation or fear of embarrassment or failure. So don’t forget: write from happiness!

6. Gain A New Perspective On Life

One of my favorite benefits of creative writing is that it helps you understand how to see things differently. The greats had a way of seeing ordinary objects or events as truly extraordinary and beautiful.

This benefit has helped me to become more appreciative and focused on what I have in life instead of what I don’t have.

7. Boost Creativity In Other Areas

A side benefit of getting in touch with your creativity through writing is that you’ll also improve your capacity for innovation in other areas of life. After all, you can’t be creative without thinking outside the box and being able to connect seemingly unconnected ideas.

As an added bonus, studies have shown that meditation and similar practices can increase creative intelligence. For more information on what creative intelligence is, and how to increase it, read my related post: What Is Creativity? Theories On Its Definition And How To Increase It.



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