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Which Sport Besides Soccer Draws Many Spectators In Mexico

Mexico is one of the top nations in world soccer and the sport is by far the most popular in the country. Every professional team in Mexico draws thousands of spectators per match, while matches that feature club powerhouse teams like America, Cruz Azul, Chivas and Pumas often draw large numbers of enthusiast fans. Although soccer is the biggest spectator sport in Mexico, other sports are being played for audience appeal as well. Some of these are traditional Mexican games such as Luchador wrestling, Tae Kwon Do or Karate contests and Charreada or Mexican Rodeo competitions.

Other non-traditional sports popular among audiences include Motor Sports such as NASCAR and IndyCar, which has recently become increasingly popular with a large following throughout Mexico. Which Sport Besides Soccer Draws Many Spectators In Mexico? Professional Baseball also makes the list of spectator sports that separate it from other countries around the globe with a more extensive fan base than some may think, especially due to its presence on prime-time television during major tournaments like The Caribbean Series and The World Baseball Classic.

Popular Sports in Mexico

Many people may need to realize that Mexico is a hot spot for various sports. From traditional sports such as soccer and baseball to more modern activities such as rollerblading and skateboarding, Mexico has a plethora of entertainment for sports fanatics. This article will take a closer look at the popular sports that draw many spectators in Mexico.


Basketball is one of the most popular sports in Mexico and has grown greatly over the past decade. The Mexican Basketball League has 20 teams throughout the country and was brought to Mexico in 1922. Along with local teams, these professional leagues attract players from all over the world to build their own unique energy each season.

In terms of popularity with spectators, basketball comes in a very close second behind soccer in Mexico. Every year, it draws more extensive crowds and enthusiastic fans looking forward to exciting new seasons. Not only does this show growth for this sport, but it also indicates that basketball is becoming an increasingly popular choice among Mexicans.

Which Sport Besides Soccer Draws Many Spectators In MexicoSince 2017, Mexican national teams have competed at many international tournaments and garnered positive attention from global observers. For example, the Mexican men’s national basketball team won a bronze medal during the 2019 FIBA Centrobasket tournament hosted by Panama City in December 2018. This proved that basketball enjoys strong support among domestic fans and has serious potential for competitive success internationally.

As such, it’s easy to see why Mexico’s passion for basketball shows no sign of dying out any time soon! It can provide an entertaining traditional sport while promoting friendly competition through its various international tournaments worldwide!


Baseball is one of the most popular spectator sports in Mexico. Historically, it has been overshadowed by the nation’s near-universal obsession with soccer, but it is gaining ground each year. The Mexican Baseball League (LMB) holds multiple matches each year and draws thousands of fans nationwide.

Mexico’s love for baseball began in 1867 when travelling teams from Cuba brought the sport to various Mexican cities. By 1908 there were two top-level leagues the Liga Relampago de Mexico in Veracruz and the Liga del Progreso de Puebla. Their popularity was such that six additional professional leagues were created in the following decade.

In 1925, these eight teams combined to form one strong league: la Liga Mexicana de Beisbol (LMB). Today, 16 LMB teams are playing all season long. The LMB season runs from March to August so as not to compete with Mexican football, which typically runs from September through December.

The most sought after matches between rival teams bring a festive atmosphere with face painting, fireworks and parades prior to big games. This season usually culminates with an intense seven-game championship series between two of the best teams from each division known as the La gran series final (The Grand Final Series).

Sports enthusiasts in Mexico love their baseball and every summer thousands attend games ready for a thrilling experience!


Boxing is a very popular sport in Mexico and is especially beloved in Durango. Mexican greats like Julio César Chávez, Rubén Olivares and Salvador Sánchez have earned legendary status among boxing fans all over the world and have contributed mainly to the city’s current fame when it comes to this sport. Fights are held in arenas all around Mexico, with Las Americas Arena in Mazatlán, Durango being one of the most well-known venues for such events. Some of the current boxing champions and contenders from Mexico include Canelo Alvarez, Omar “Panterita” Figueroa Jr., Juan Francisco Estrada Rodríguez and notable others. There is no doubt that those looking for action entertainment will find something thrilling during a night out watching a boxing match in Mexico.

American Football

American Football is gaining in popularity in Mexico and attendance at some games rivals the numbers of those attending Soccer matches. The rise of American Football in Mexico can be attributed to the success and growth of the national Liga De Fútbol Americano Profesional (LFA), a professional American Football league established in 2016. The LFA is a five-team, nine-game season that plays mainly on Saturdays throughout Mexico. It also has teams from other countries, including Argentina and Colombia.

In addition to the Liga De Fútbol Americano Profesional (LFA), there are various college teams competing within university leagues like the Mexicana de Fútbol Americano Universitario (MEFAU), which consists of universities from several Mexican states such as Aguascalientes, Baja California, Chihuahua and Sonora. These college teams have been entertaining fans for many years, but now they have received increased levels of attention due to their national recognition within these university leagues.

Lastly, Mexico fields an international football team known as Los Aztecas, which is affiliated with CONADEIP (Comisión Nacional de Atletismo y Deportes de Educación Privada). This team competes annually against teams from other Latin American nations like Peru and Chile. Their presence on the international stage has been growing since they began competing in 2009; this further contributes to their growing popularity outside of traditional soccer matches.


Volleyball - DenhetVolleyball is one of Mexico’s most popular sports and many people attend games regularly. It is the second-most represented sport in the Pan American Games and Mexico has won several medals in this competition.

At the club level, there are two professional leagues for volleyball in Mexico. The Liga Nacional Superior de Voleibol (LNSV) and The Liga Mexicana Grandes Ligas (MGL). The LNSV is divided into five divisions men’s and women’s national leagues, men’s professional league, women’s professional leagues and juniors’ national leagues. All these competitions feature highly competitive teams from around the country and draw large crowds each year.

Each year since 1981, Mexico has hosted outdoor international tournaments like Central American & Caribbean Games, Pan-American Cup, Intercontinental Championship, NORCECA Continental Championship, Pan-American Cup Volleyball tournament among others. These tournaments have been held at the International Sports Complex “La Huasteca” located in Monterrey municipality, Nuevo Leon. There are also beach volleyball tournaments played at different locations worldwide where Mexican players participate regularly and often walk away with a great performance.

The Mexican National team participates in major international competitions such as the Olympics games or Panamerican games where they have earned a number of accolades throughout the years which helps to make volleyball known to people all around our country so more people can start practising or being part of this amazing sport.

Famous Sporting Events in Mexico

Mexico is home to various sports that are widely popular among its citizens. Soccer, the country’s national sport, continues to draw the largest crowd among sports spectators. However, aside from soccer, several other sports also attract a large number of fans in Mexico. Let’s take a look at some of the most famous sporting events in Mexico.

Liga MX

The Liga MX, or the Mexican Football League, is one of Mexico’s most popular and successful sports tournaments. The league consists of 18 teams from across Mexico who compete for the title of champion each season. Each team competes in two half-season tournaments during the year, followed by a three-week playoff to decide on a champion – often referred to as “Los Campeones”. The winner of this tournament then plays against its MLS counterpart in a match known as Campeón de Campeones. Soccer is certainly the most popular sport in Mexico, but other major events are drawing large crowds such as boxing and baseball.

The Mexican Baseball League (LMB) is the highest professional level of baseball played in Mexico and is one of the oldest professional sports leagues still operating today. The LMB currently has 16 teams that play on weekends throughout most of the year. Fans flock to games all around Mexico with some stadiums that have held up to 100,000 people for games between rivals like Los Diablos Rojos del México y Los Sultanes de Monterrey.

Mexican boxing also carries great popularity with fans packing venues for legendary boxers like Juan Manuel’ Juanma’ López, Érik’ El Terrible’ Morales and Canelo Alvarez. Some very prestigious bouts have been held at Zocalo Square in front of thousands upon thousands of fans who show up to cheer on their favourite gladiators in an emotionally charged atmosphere unparalleled by even soccer matches!

Copa MX

The Copa MX is Mexico’s top football club competition, often referred to as the Mexican Cup. Also known as Liga MX Femenil, this tournament has been held since 1912 and is sponsored by Corona. The Copa Mx is a biannual event involving teams from the first and second divisions of Mexican football. The championship title holders become eligible to compete in the CONCACAF Champions League for their region.

The Copa MX features two parts: the Group Stage followed by a knockout stage. During the Group Stage teams are divided into four geographical groups. Each club within a group plays each other once at home and once away over 6 rounds of matches totalling 30 matches. These 30 matches account for half of all points in that particular season. Only 16 teams move onto the knockout stage where there are 8 two-legged ties before half reach for the two-legged finals round.

At times, this tournament can draw huge crowds, with odd fans flocking to support their favourite clubs throughout countrywide locations such as Querétaro, Guadalajara, Toluca, Monterrey, Puebla and more! In addition to soccer fans at stadium games or watching via television, some avid players pick up free online versions of these exciting match ups featuring their favourite teams or even international players or countries that have participated in past tournaments!

Mexican Grand Prix

The Mexican Grand Prix, known by its Spanish name, Gran Premio de México, is one of Mexico’s most important and anticipated annual sporting events. Held each year since 1963, it is the country’s only Formula One World Championship race. The race typically attracts huge crowds of passionate fans who come to cheer on their favourite teams over the weekend-long event.

The Mexican Grand Prix has always been a roller coaster of excitement since its inaugural year in 1962. Even with some laidback stretches between seasons, drivers have maintained an intense level of rivalry through the years, and 2020 should be no exception as they battle it out for the chequered flag and a chance at glory.

The Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez circuit, located within the populous suburbs of Mexico City, offers thrilling excitement every year as high-performance vehicles compete at top speeds against some of the best drivers in Formula One racing around 16 challenging turns across 2.67 miles (4.3 km). Fans witness incredible sights such as spectacular overtaking manoeuvres and nail-biting duels for positions on the track, all accompanied by pulsating soundtracks from engines roaring to life before them.

The Mexican Grand Prix boasts an incredible atmosphere and unrivalled levels of passionate fan support from thousands who flock to cheer on their heroes in an event celebrated across an entire nation. Join us for one of Mexico’s biggest sporting events featuring teams and drivers from around the world competing for victory!

Mexican Baseball League

It was founded in 1925 and consisted of 16 teams located all over Mexico. The summer season begins in April and ends in August, while the winter season runs from October to December. The popular Mexican Baseball League All-Star game is held annually, usually at the end of November or the start of December each year.

baseball is very popular in Mexico, and many towns have their own local teams competing not just at a local level but at a regional level as well. Each team has 23 players on their roster – 20 of which are allowed to play per game. All teams use a designated hitter when it is their turn to bat and all games are 9 innings long according to international regulations.

The Mexican Baseball League operates differently than leagues found in other countries, largely due to its affiliation with Major League Baseball (MLB). High school graduates hoping for a chance to play professionally can enter annual draft camps where they will be signed with MLB organizations prior to entering the league’s development program, known as the Liga de Desarrollo (LDM). Successful athletes can then progress through various stages of selection before being chosen as an affiliate with any one LDM team. Alternatively, they could sign outfield contracts through any LDM team directly, often after being recruited professionally by an MLB agent or coach; this path bypasses the entire draft process and straight into active participation on an affiliate team roster.

Great players become superstars overnight while lesser-known players have opportunities to truly stand out with routine appearances on national television and endorsements from major corporations across Latin America that heavily promote the league each year during its playing season(s). Some popular superstar athletes known for their performance in the Mexican Baseball League include Luis Robert (OF/Cubs), Jorge Cantu (2B/Rangers), Oscar Robles (3B/Dodgers), Antonio Osuna (Pitcher/ Mets)and Orlando Palmeiro (C/Royals).

Mexican Professional Boxing League

Mexican Professional Boxing League - DenhetThe Mexican Professional Boxing League (Liga Mexicana de Box, or LMB) is one of Mexico’s most renowned sporting events. Founded in 1934, it is one of the oldest professional boxing organizations in the world and has been credited with helping to popularize professional boxing around the world. LMB bouts are well-attended by enthusiastic crowds, often surpassing attendance numbers for soccer matches.

In its long history, the LMB has seen some of Mexico’s biggest stars, including Juan Manuel Márquez and Julio César Chávez. It also hosts international boxers as part of Mexican championship belts under its World Boxing Council Promotional umbrella. The 12-round bouts usually take place between two boxers weighing no more than 420 pounds “expoweight” champions fight at 358 pounds or less earning titleholders national recognition and adulation from fans throughout Mexico.

The league brings together promoters, technical staff and fight venues across Mexico to ensure that bouts meet the highest standards for safety and security. Top fighters can earn millions as they battle for several championship titles from local federations and non-traditional categories ranging from Mexican national champions to Interim IBF Latino Champions.


Mexican sports fans are passionate about their favourite teams and enjoy watching athletes compete in a variety of Sport Besides Soccer. In addition to soccer, boxing and baseball are Mexico’s other top spectator sports. Mexican boxers have long had international success, while the country boasts several major-league professional baseball teams and networks devoted to broadcasting the games throughout the country. Other popular pastimes in Mexico include basketball, bullfighting, charrería a horseback riding sport swimming and other water sports and even dangerous stunts such as jaripeos. With so many opportunities for both playing and watching competitive sports, it’s no wonder that Mexican culture revolves around both physical activity and spectatorship.

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