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The Top 7 Benefits of Using Digital Vouchers and Coupons

With the advent of digital vouchers and coupon apps, it has never been easier to use vouchers and coupons while shopping online or in physical stores. When you’re thinking about using digital vouchers and coupons, there are many benefits you can enjoy with just a few clicks of your mouse or swipes on your mobile device screen. Here are seven of the top benefits of using digital vouchers and coupons.


For consumers, coupons have an added benefit: they can save you from making a decision you might regret. When it comes to shopping, there are many instances when people are faced with too many choices usually more than their brains can handle.

This is called choice overload, and it tends to make people freeze up, leaving them unable to choose at all.

The ability to just choose one thing is so much simpler! And as if that wasn’t enough reason for consumers to love digital vouchers, here are a few other benefits they offer.

Money saving

It’s no secret that, when it comes to losing weight, money makes a big difference. If you’re trying to slim down but don’t have extra cash to spend on healthy food or gym memberships, using digital vouchers and coupons can help you stay fit while staying on budget.

In fact, studies have shown that people who save money on groceries are more likely to stick with their diet. Best of all, many businesses have realized that offering discount codes help them boost sales (and saves them money in return). For example, hotel booking websites such as Expedia offer digital vouchers that provide discounts or free nights at certain hotels. And let’s not forget Airbnb: Airbnb travelers can save $25 by signing up for Airbnb through Ebates first!


The most obvious benefit of digital vouchers is their convenience.

You no longer have to spend your time clipping, organizing, and carrying around printed coupons. Everything is organized in a digital format that you can access from anywhere with an internet connection. If you’re out shopping with a store app, simply show your phone at checkout for instant savings or coupons.

There’s no need to print anything or lug any bulky coupon books around with you; everything is stored digitally on your device!

Better Value

Whether you use a paper or digital voucher, a discount is still a discount. However, if you plan on purchasing regularly from that store, chances are you’ll make more money off your purchase when using digital vouchers.

The reason for that is simple: with digital vouchers, there’s no need to cut your precious coupons in half or worry about them getting worn out over time. With one tap on your mobile phone screen, you can already see exactly how much of a reduction it offers against each item before checking out. In addition to saving time at checkout customers save an average of 5 minutes per transaction!


There is a common misconception that vouchers, coupons, and promotional codes are designed to give consumers a sense of entitlement and make them feel like they have no accountability for making bad spending decisions. However, that couldn’t be further from reality.

Empowerment | Denhet

A voucher can empower consumers by arming them with information. For example, a consumer may not realize how much money they’re wasting on dining out each month until it is staring them in their face through a voucher stating Save $500 per year by switching to takeout instead.

The more transparent your clients are with themselves about where their money is going and let’s face it: people are very good at lying to themselves about money the easier it will be for them to take control of their finances.


Few things are as fun as exploring a new city or going to your favourite store in a new way. If you’re planning to spend some cash, whether at a local business or online retailer, use digital vouchers and coupons instead.

Even if you’re not planning on making an immediate purchase, having vouchers on hand can help you score great deals when they come up and who doesn’t love saving money? With digital coupons, it’s easy to keep track of all your offers so that you never miss out on something special. Here are seven reasons why digital vouchers should always be in your pocket


One of the biggest concerns that consumers have when they shop online is security.

When a customer uses a digital voucher or coupon to make their purchase there’s no worry about anyone stealing their credit card information or identity there’s also no worry about them showing up at your door with a gun because they stole someone else’s credit card number. (As crazy as it sounds, I think we can all agree that it happens.)

Vouchers and coupons make online shopping easy because customers don’t have to hunt down bargains themselves. They simply use a code or discount to pay less for an item typically by reducing shipping costs and voila!


More than a few years ago, while still in school, I tried out a coupon program through Groupon, an online discount deal website. At first, I didn’t think much of it just another way to save money on things I had already bought.

But what I soon realized was that many businesses are starting to use coupons as promotional tools to attract new customers by offering them great deals.

This is good news for any business owner because when your customers are happy they spend more and refer their friends.

Getting new customers is tough but coupons make it easier by giving existing customers a reason to come back time after time. That is why if you are not using digital vouchers yet then you need to start now!



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