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The Top 10 Reasons to Hire a Writer

As a writer, one of the most common questions I get from potential clients is why they should hire me to do their writing work instead of doing it themselves or hiring someone else. After all, there are plenty of other freelance writers out there who will take on the job for less money and be just as competent. So, how do you choose one?

This list outlines the top 10 reasons to hire a writer over going it alone or hiring someone else to do your writing work especially if you want to make sure that the quality of your written content isn’t compromised in the process.

They Have Time To Focus On Your Project

Many people who work full-time jobs also have families and friends they want to spend time with. The last thing they want is a creative project to take up their weekends as well.

When you hire a writer, you know he’s got ample free time in his schedule because he wants your project as much as you do. He’ll dedicate 100% of his attention and energy toward making it awesome.

They Know How To Write For SEO

Writing is an art and marketing is a science. Writers tend to focus on making great content, while marketers must make sure that content gets seen by people who might want to buy.

That’s why search engine optimization writing stands out from many other kinds of writing. It’s not just about weaving keywords into your text, it’s about understanding how search engines work and how consumers engage with them.

If you hire a writer who doesn’t understand SEO he or she might as well be tossing money down a drain. The reality is that most writers don’t know how to write for SEO and if you want your business to be found online, hire someone who does make sense from both an investment and ROI perspective.

  They Can Make You Look Good

The most important thing that hiring a writer will do for you makes you look good. Even if you are really smart and really know what you’re talking about, sometimes it’s difficult to get your point across particularly if what you have to say is complicated or outside of your expertise.

A writer can take your ideas and present them in a manner that anyone can understand.

So whether what you’re saying will help people in their careers, change their lives or help save planet Earth there are endless reasons for hiring a writer.

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They Make Better Writers Out Of Everyone They Work With

Whether it’s co-workers, interns or managers, everyone has something to learn from writers. They have a completely different way of thinking about and approaching problems and they’re all really good at breaking down complex ideas into easier-to-understand terms.

These are skills that can be applied in any field, making your team smarter and more productive.

Good Writing Is Good Seo

Instead of spending hours spinning your own articles, you can spend minutes having a professional do it for you. Writers are often up on all of the newest online marketing strategies, and they may also be able to offer helpful tips on search engine optimization (SEO) that could boost your site’s rank and increase organic traffic.

If writing is not your strong suit, consider outsourcing some or all of your content creation. You can hire quality writers at Fiverr or Upwork in many cases for less than $10 an hour.

Just keep in mind that quality varies widely with these types of freelancers so it might take some trial and error before you find someone who is perfect for your needs.

  Save Time Doing Keyword Research

Keyword research is one of those time-sucking side quests that take hours to complete but has little payoff. Many SEO writers offer keyword research as part of their service, so you don’t have to go it alone. You can also hire someone who specializes in link building for keyword research which makes your job easier.

This can save you hours of work and give you better results too.

 Save Time Doing Article Spinning

Hiring an experienced writer with strong SEO skills can save you time and effort in developing new articles

. In fact, we’re often asked by our clients if we can take their existing content, re-word it, and optimize it for SEO purposes. Sometimes there’s just not enough time in your schedule for all of that extra work and that’s where having a talented writer comes in handy! Save money on social media services: Social media is one of those things that should be handled by someone who is good at making connections with other people.

It takes more than just setting up profiles on various sites you need to nurture relationships and communicate regularly with others.

There are some benefits to handling your own social media marketing but most businesses will benefit from outsourcing those tasks.

 They Do More Than Just Writing

A freelance writer is your in-house marketing professional who can help you craft compelling and persuasive copy for everything from brochures to white papers.

Writers do more than just produce words; they understand how language can be used as a persuasive tool and how people read, listen, and respond emotionally to what they read.

They are great listeners: As important as it is for a salesperson or marketer to listen attentively during meetings, it’s just as vital for an editor or writer.

The Writer Can Identify Material That Is Missing

You know exactly what you want to say by heart. There’s a possibility that you know it too well. There may be something missing from your list. If you need a copy that explains how to do something let’s say you the event that needs it.



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