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Top 10 Fashion Brands In The World

After carefully analyzing the most recognizable fashion brands in the world, we’ve come up with our list of top 10 fashion the brands in the world. The following 10 fashion have made their mark on the industry and are recognized by almost everyone on this planet even those who are not into fashion at all know about at least one of these brands! So, if you’re interested in learning more about these top 10 fashion brands in the world just read on!


It is one of the most famous and fashionable brands in athletic wear. It was founded by Adi Dassler, a German mechanic. This brand is most popular with teenagers because they are lightweight and sporty.

The brand has also made uniforms for various sports teams around the world, including France’s soccer team and teams at St Andrew’s.

They make clothes suitable for every season so that customers can buy their products all year round without feeling too hot or cold. ADIDAS is located mainly in Europe, Asia, Africa, and America.


Number one and best in my opinion. The brand has a great look, and feel and some of its shoes are very comfortable. They always have something new out, as well as for different types of athletes and not just basketball, soccer, or baseball players.

They have women’s sportswear too! Their products last long and they keep coming up with new stuff all the time. I can’t say enough good things about them, they rock!

I love Nike because it is a company that creates high-quality products to help people perform better at what they do.

I also like that there is so much variety when it comes to choosing what type of clothing you want to wear from them, from performance gear to casual clothes.


The world-famous Italian brand Gucci has a history that dates back to 1921 when  Gucci opened a leather goods shop with some business partners. Before long, Guccio had purchased out his partners and continued expanding his family business until it became one of Italy’s largest luxury brands.

It remains today as one of its largest clothing brands alongside Bottega Veneta, Yves Saint Laurent, and Balenciaga.

The company sells $3 billion worth of products every year. Today, CEO Marco Bizzarri oversees day-to-day operations for a brand that is projected to do $4 billion in sales by 2017.


The world-renowned French jeweller is best known for its fine watches, but Cartier also designs an impressive assortment of other jewelry, watches, and accessories.

Women love the brand’s bold pieces, while men favor its classic watch designs. Cartier watches range from simple stainless steel and leather bands to gold-and-diamond studded timepieces that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Some famous Cartier owners include Brad Pitt, Nicole Kidman, and Victoria Beckham (who recently teamed up with Cartier to create a line of women’s products).


This French luxury brand was founded by Parisian designer Gabrielle Coco Chanel in 1909. It is known for its classic tweed jackets, scarves, and famous 2.55 bag.

Today, Chanel is headed by Karl Lagerfeld and still has a high-end price tag with its classic pieces starting around $2,000 USD (which may be on sale), but is well worth it as a timeless classic to wear again and again! This year alone saw nearly 13 million people pass through France’s most iconic attraction: The Eiffel Tower.


If there’s one brand that you should know, it’s Zara. The Spanish retailer, known for its fast-fashion production cycle, has more than 3,400 locations in 88 countries worldwide.

It produced over $15 billion worth of goods and is growing rapidly.

Zara recently made headlines for announcing a pay increase for store workers around Spain who work at least 600 hours annually; these workers will receive a 24 percent salary increase on average beginning April 1st. With all of its growth and success, you might be wondering: Is there anything that Zara can’t do?


Founded as a small, family-owned company in 1949, UNIQLO is now one of Japan’s leading international retailers. The goal was to bring affordable clothing to customers all over the world.

Ten years later, they opened their first store outside of Japan and have since been growing internationally with 2,357 stores across 16 markets worldwide. Their parent company, Fast Retailing Co.Ltd has grown quickly as well; it began with 11 staff members and now employs 19,000 individuals.


Founded by Coco Chanel, CHANEL is a leader in French Haute Couture and ready-to-wear fashion. It specializes in high-quality jewelry, watches, footwear, bags, and accessories. Most of its items are identifiable by a double C logo on a square background.


Started in Sweden by Erling Persson, it is a privately held company that operates as a multinational retail clothing-retail company. It also sells other items such as beauty products, accessories, lingerie, and home goods.

Although H & M sells clothing for women, men, and children, its target market is young people between ages 14 and 20 through their subsidiary brand COS (standing for collection of style).

In 1969 which was only their first year of business they opened their first store outside of Sweden in London. They now have 631 stores located throughout all 6 inhabited continents.


While PUMA (no longer an acronym for Puma Athletic Shoes since 2016) may be best known for its shoes, it’s also a leading producer of other athletic apparel and accessories.

Founded in 1948 by a German ex-dive bomber pilot, Rudolf Dassler, PUMA became one of Germany’s first manufacturers of athletic footwear. With headquarters in Herzogenaurach, Germany, it has become one of today’s largest sportswear brands and has offices all over the world including New York City.

While PUMA still produces some sports clothing out of Germany using local designers, most are produced at a high-tech production facility just outside Shanghai, China.


Fashion is an obsession and statement. A part of culture and identity. A way to communicate with a specific group of people or even society at large. Fashion can be used as self-expression, a tool for subversion or rebellion, as well as self-protection.

No wonder why it has so many meanings for so many people! But don’t let that scare you, because whether you are looking for clothing inspiration or just want to get more involved in your personal style, these brands will be able to provide you with one way or another.

They have already proven they have what it takes to survive all these years in one of the most demanding industries there is, which means they know how to make it work when things are hard and ugly on top.



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