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What To Write On The Gift Tag For Mum-To-Be?

Personalized gift tags are an elegant way to complete a gift, primarily when written with care and attention to the person receiving the gift. If you’re looking to give your mum-to-be a special present, this article and the tips mentioned here will help you do that! This article can help you write thoughtful notes about the mum to be hamper you have chosen.

Tips for best tags

  1. Try to find out what the expecting mother wants or needs. 
  2. Include the child’s name on the tag (like Happy Birthday!).  
  3. Be careful not to mention any baby names. 
  4. Use gender-neutral language if you are not sure of the baby’s sex. 
  5. Add a date at the end for when the present was given, such as Sep 20th, 2022. 
  6. Think about giving something functional rather than decorative. The mom-to-be may have limited space in her nursery, so it might be better to get something useful like clothes or toys. 
  7. You can also include some notes that provide hints or information about your gift — like tips on how to use it, health and safety concerns and other relevant information. 
  8. Make it personal by including your picture with an old photo of yourself holding a sibling similar in age!

By keeping in mind the above tips, you can write an amazing tag for the gift. When you will write a well thought out tag with compassion, it will leave an unforgettable mark. Below are some examples of tags to make it more simple for you. 

Some examples of tags

You’re about to become a mum! Congrats! You’ve got this.

There are a few things that you might need during pregnancy and postpartum care, so I’m sending them your way – hopefully, they’ll help make it an easier journey for you. 

This one may be coming a little too late, but I wanted to send along something for the baby. And maybe something for yourself as well. 

You’ll probably need a few maternity clothes now that you’re starting to show. Not all of your old clothes will be comfortable, so here’s hoping these new pieces can help! You can use them after you have your baby as well. (If they don’t fit by then, maybe pass them on.) My best wishes go out with the contents of this package.

Where to buy the best hamper?

Mama Jewels is an independent gift box company selling gift hampers for mums-to-be and little ones. It started in 2009 and has grown its business from jewellery to gift hampers and packs. All their products are eco-friendly, primarily made by small independent suppliers in the UK. 

Now they have many gifts for newborns and mum to be hampers. Their customers are around the globe, most of whom are returning buyers who trust their products. Some buyers are from Hollywood and regularly buy gift boxes from Mama Jewels for their colleagues and friends in the industry. They all love their gifts’ quality, environment-friendly materials, and elegant designs. Further, for regular customers, they also offer special discounts. 



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