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What Wear Style Lifestyle Blog In Louisville ky

Lifestyle blogs that talk about fashion, beauty, and life in Louisville, KY. These lifestyle blogs will help you get to know Louisville better and make your stay more enjoyable. It’s my mission to find the best lifestyle bloggers in each city so you don’t have to do all the work of searching them out yourself. Instead, come to this site and discover which bloggers are the most credible and reliable in their niche and where they are writing from.

What is the style of dress in Louisville?

Louisville is a unique city. It’s Southern, but with a mix of New Orleans. It’s an hour away from the country life, and it’s only four hours away from Indianapolis or Nashville. Style varies throughout the region, but one word to describe the dress of lifestyle Louisville residents would be uniform.

You’ll see khakis and nice sneakers pretty much everywhere; if you go to brunch on Sunday morning you’ll see women in sun dresses and guys in khakis. Sneakers are the most popular shoe choice for men and women alike; when you get off work at 6 pm on Friday everyone is dressed to impress without even trying.

It sounds too stereotypical, but that really does encapsulate what people wear around here, especially in their daily life.

What is the poverty rate in Louisville?

Louisville is an amazing city to live in and work in. Known for its amazing landmarks, like Churchill Downs and the KFC Yum! The poverty rate in Louisville Kentucky is at 20% of the total population which translates to about 141,351 people.

With that many people being affected by this, there are a lot of opportunities for organizations like the Boys and Girls Club of Kentuckiana or Feeding America Eastern Kentucky to provide resources so these kids and adults can be fed serve nutritious food; stay active and engaged; attend school regularly; keep healthy (including good dental care or access other services or supports that can improve their quality of life.

What Wear Style Lifestyle Blog In Louisville ky

Lifestyle Louisville ky

What Wear Style is a lifestyle blog based out of Louisville, KY that wants to provide great content for those who are interested in fashion, beauty, health, and wellness. On What Wear Style you will find the latest trends and tips on what to wear during certain times of the year or different weather conditions. You can also find reviews of my personal experience with certain products or brands as well as some inspiration.

I want to make people feel like they’re not alone no matter what they’re struggling with because we’re all fighting our own battles. My goal is for this to be a positive space where people can come, see themselves, and know that they are beautiful and should be proud.

What is it like to live in Louisville?

Louisville is a city with an eclectic mix of blue-collared neighborhoods, historic landmarks, and upscale urban living. It is a region as diverse and interesting as its people. What Wear Style has been here to capture the story of this modern-day oasis since 2009. We’re not just telling you about the clothes we’re telling you what it’s like to live here, what the lifestyle is like, and all the little things that make Louisville one of America’s most exciting cities.

What is Louisville best known for?

Louisville is the biggest city in Kentucky, and often times residents will call themselves Louisvillians. With all of the history, culture, and restaurants that the city has to offer, it’s a great place to live!
Louisville is famous for giving America some of its first Campbell’s Soup Company was founded here, after all. You’ll also find other big names like Yum!

Brands (think KFC and Taco Bell), Old Forester Bourbon distillery, Papa John’s Pizza, Cherokee Jeans clothing company as well as Humana healthcare company located right outside of town.
The people who live in Louisville are generally a happy bunch.


I’m just looking for a fun way to connect with other women through my everyday fashion and lifestyle. Starting this blog seems like a great way to do that, without having to be too serious about it. Fashion has always been an important part of my life and I’m so excited for all the adventures I’ll have as I continue on this journey! Thanks for checking out what wear style and welcome to Louisville.



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