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Why You Need a Responsive Website

Google has made it clear that having a mobile-friendly site will affect how highly your site ranks in search results, and 55% of all online activity comes from smartphones and tablets. In addition to increasing traffic to your site, a responsive website can also increase sales by ensuring that potential customers can easily access the information they need no matter what device they’re using. Here are five reasons why you need to start working on your next website right away!

How People Use The Internet

The tech community has long discussed whether mobile or desktop websites are preferable for web users. With so many different devices and screen sizes out there, it’s clear that neither is ideal and that is especially true if you plan to reach as many people as possible.

The best solution responsive website, which can display properly across every device and screen size your audience uses to visit your site. Here’s why responsive design trumps all other options.

What Is A Web Design Strategy?

Web design strategy is about more than just picking colors and fonts. Web designers use it to discover and convey what users want from your website, whether you’re redesigning an existing site or building something new.

At its core, a web design strategy will help you understand how people use your website (and others like it) so that you can build something that serves their needs in an as effective and simple a way as possible.

Many agencies call it user experience (UX) design, but whatever term you prefer, there are some basic steps to designing one.

Why Should You Choose A Mobile Website Over An App?

Mobile apps are useful and great but when it comes to your website, what’s more important? The mobile experience! Having a responsive website is key because users visit your site on various devices.If you have an app, for example, an iPhone user can only download it from Apple Store.

On the other hand, if you don’t have an app, iOS users can still access your site by simply going to your URL. Plus, as of August 2016 (according to Statista), there were about 967 million smartphones in use worldwide; that number is expected to jump up 25% in 2017.

That’s billions of people who will view your business from their phones or tablets before deciding whether or not they want to buy from you.

How Can a Responsive Web Design Help My Business?

A responsive website is one that automatically changes according to what device it is being viewed on. This may seem like a superfluous feature, but it has been proven to help boost customer engagement and sales, while also increasing traffic.

A responsive website ensures that no matter what kind of device is being used, your site’s content will be easy to view and read.

Customers will not have to zoom in or squint to read pages they can just sit back and enjoy! All you need to do is make sure your site loads properly when tested on different devices.

Improve Your SEO Ranking

If you’re not using responsive design, you’re hurting your SEO rankings. Google loves it when sites provide a great experience across all devices responsive websites are consistently more search engine friendly.

Not only will your site look better to users, but it will also rank higher and perform better in organic search results.

Increase Your Conversation Rates

A responsive website allows your site to respond appropriately to all devices, so users don’t have to zoom in and out or scroll side-to-side just to read your content.

In fact, sites with fluid layouts increase conversation rates by 300 percent.

Even if you think most of your site traffic comes from desktop computers, it’s worthwhile having a responsive site for mobile visitors. As more and more people access websites through their phones or tablets, non-responsive sites are becoming increasingly frustrating and rarely convert visitors into customers.

Make sure your brand isn’t letting valuable opportunities slip away. Build a responsive website today!

Why You Need A Responsive Website

Your website is no longer just your homepage, it’s your storefront, digital brochure, and landing page. With mobile visitors accounting for nearly half of all web traffic in 2015, you have to make sure that everyone can easily find your site on any device.

Designing with a responsive approach can allow users to access your site no matter where they are or what they’re using. The mobile revolution is upon us; do not get left behind. The mobile-responsive design will help ensure that you’re building an experience that fits seamlessly into your customers’ lives.


Responsive web design has been around for a few years now, but many companies are just starting to get on board. While designing specifically for smaller devices may seem like an extra step, it’s actually quite helpful.

In fact, these days it’s pretty much expected mobile usage is up over 100% in just one year and only continue to rise.

If you aren’t already considering responsive web design, you should be; it could help boost your company’s online presence immensely. Here are just a few reasons why responsive design is so valuable.



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